Unconditional or Conditional Love?

Unconditional love is unconditional.  Sounds obvious but it is well worth quietly contemplating for a minute.

It means sending love to our universe, galaxy, solar system, planet and all sentient life.  That includes all people.  Not just people we like.   Especially people we react to or we feel have hurt us.

I say this because this is a time of seeming chaos and unending calamity in the external physical world.   This seeming chaos and calamity is promoted by those control life on Earth because it helps perpetuate their control.   A frightened, divided population is much less likely to achieve mass awakening and fulfillment in a world based on abundance.  Instead it trudges along in self-inflicted servitude in an artificial world of scarcity and lack to masters who despise and abuse them.   Like in the Wizard of Oz, the power over the population only persists because the population believes in it and unknowingly supports its continuation.   We say, “oh no, we’re not doing that!”   Really?  We need look no further than mass-televised protests that not only represent claims for inalienable rights as divine beings in a free-will universe but also direct loathing and dare I say it, even hate at others.   This behavior may be rationalized, but it is not consistent with unconditional love.

To love unconditionally, our compassion and forgiveness must be for all, not just ones we choose.  Choosing who to love is conditional love.   Conditional love says “I only love you if you agree with me and take up positions against those who do not agree with me.”   Love in the context we speak of it here may be best understood as universal compassion.  It doesn’t mean having to befriend or develop deep personal relationships with anyone and everyone.  Those are free-will choices for all.   Universal compassion however does acknowledge the value and free-will rights of all, even those commonly characterized as “wrong” or even worse, “evil”.

Conditional love divides and separates people, and keeps both expressers and receivers in low vibratory states.   How ironic.  The elites’ control-over-others global control matrix works hard to keep the controlled populace in low vibratory states and loves it when the suppressed population acts to further its own enslavement.   Which is one reason why the elite controlled media seems to concentrate its spotlight on protests, fights, arguments, crime, wars, and calamity.   Why would we do anything to support and feed that control system?  The control system does not consider people living in harmony and helping each other to be newsworthy.   Unconditional love has no expectation of reward.  And certainly no expectation of “news coverage”.

Unconditional love does not vilify individuals or groups, insult them, call them names, or try to control them no matter how strongly we react to them.   Unconditional love does not try to bend others to our will. Unconditional love helps us find gratitude for what others teach us even as our emotional reactions may be painful or unwanted, however illuminating our own soul.

Our collective sovereignty and freedom to live to our fullest depends on each of us choosing to rise and live each moment above fear, anger, hate and judgment.  That requires us to be mindful of each and every thought, for our thoughts create the life and reality we experience.   If we find ourselves loving conditionally, we can forgive ourselves and choose to change.  Forgiveness erases the karmic slate, and lets us start again with a fresh thought based on love and light, that will help us reach our highest potential and joy.

Author: robertrkimball

Lifelong observer, seeker, questioner, musician, humor-lover, problem-solver. Awakened from a successful service-to-self tech career by the Law of One. Live to learn/teach and inspire/be inspired through Universal Truths and Laws. Much gratitude and love to ALL.

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