Will I Ascend in this Cycle?

heavenlysunriseThe blogosphere and tubeosphere  is full of channelings and commentary on the topic of Ascension… the much-anticipated step-up in consciousness for our planet Gaia and humanity.  The topic is compelling for anyone interested in their spirit/soul journey and lifting their consciousness up to more fully experience the All/One in unconditional love and light.

Not surprisingly, there is a wide array of interpretation as to the ascension phenomenon, though there are some consistent themes. One of these themes is the expectation that not all humans will ascend to higher consciousness in this cycle.  Those locked in to the current paradigm based on control-over-others and control-over-planet are not expected to make the energetic / vibrational shift. There is some consensus that they will be given more life experiences as physically incarnated selves on other suitable planets.   OK, but is that where you want to go?   What about the many of us who desire to make the dimensional upshift?  Will we make it?  Or just a very few?

In the Law of One, the ascended Venusian social memory complex Ra shared that in Earth’s past several 25,600 year galactic cycles, not one human ascended (was “harvested” in Ra’s terminology) to the next dimension of consciousness.   Another (?) Ra being, Ra-Teir-Eir, who has also been identified as a highly evolved “blue avian” has recently been channeled as estimating only 300,000 human souls on Earth are now ready for harvest.   It’s worth noting that according to Ra, harvest or ascension is possible for both Service-to-Others STO and Service-to-Self STS selves.  In the Law of One, to be harvestable STO, a self needs to have achieved more than 50% positive polarization. The test for STS is much stricter, requiring over 95% negative polarization.   In this view, selves that have not consciously chosen a path would have little chance of ascension as polarization is gained/earned, not a given.  Those that have not really worked their path probably wouldn’t make it, either.   Whistleblower Corey Goode recently noted that Ra-Teir-Eir said he was not among the 300,000.  Makes you wonder… who IS ready and how did they walk the walk to get there?  Are there “automatic disqualifiers?”  For example, if you are not a vegan, is it impossible to achieve 51% STO polarization?

Other ascended consciousnesses are quoted saying that this galactic cycle is different, that Gaia’s ascension will be much more inclusive with a powerful energetic assist from the universe, galaxy and sun. That sounds good to me, but what if you or I don’t make it?

We are each our own spiritual masters and keepers. We choose our path and live/work it.  Our experience/learning continues to accrue through each incarnated life.   There is no chronological timeline for anyone’s ascension.  If we don’t make it this time, there will be more opportunities.  Possibly not on Gaia, but a similar physical plane in the universe.  And most likely with less or no abusive external interference.

Whatever the outcome of this cycle, our spiritual work remains the same – (assuming you are on the STO path) practice unconditional love and forgiveness for self and others in every thought and action, and reject fear, anger and judgment.   Worrying about anything, including ascension, takes us off course.   As they say, everything is as it should be… let your thoughts create your reality…  so be well, be in joy and let your love and light shine.