Changing Leaves – A Peace Prayer and Lullaby in Gratitude to Nature


I enjoy composing lullaby prayers.  Nature’s perfection is such an inspiration for peace and love.  Click above to listen to this original guitar piece – be in Peace, Love and Light.  Thank you for visiting.

Broadcast Love, Not Hate


Why Not Just Torture, Kill or Imprision the “Cabal”

Many of us are yearning for release from thousands of years experiencing the control-over world run by dark forces.  Many of us feel an aching soul memory of this extended experience.   Many of us follow channelings and reports from leaders of social complexes doing their part to realize a long-expected breakthrough.  And many are getting tired of waiting for the event, for ascension, for the return to the Garden of Gaia.   And in the impatience of fatigue, many are forgetting their highest purpose.

Recently I see many comments on blogs and youtube that are part anguish and part revenge. There are calls for swift retribution to the physically living embodiments of the dark forces.   Please, think and feel what this thought calls into being.  We could torture or kill the 3D bodies of those who personify evil or darkness, but we would be engaging in ritualistic magic that celebrates the dark force we profess to foreswear. Revenge gives more life to that which we resist or suffer from.  Rather than removing the cause of suffering, it gives it new meaning and reignites it in the consciousness of other selves.  Is this what we want to manifest?

The first step to removing the dark control-over force is to realize and feel it within our Selves. We all carry this potential within, and we may have acted it out in this or other lives. As ALL are ONE, each one of us is the cabal, is the dark force.   In order to remove this force from creation, we have to first see it, feel it, accept it, and release it from our Selves.  As each one of us releases the dark, it is erased from creation, bit by bit.   I like to picture ocean waves removing a pattern or sand castle from a beach.  The pattern is temporary, the love energy of the ocean returns the pattern to source.   Let us each be part of that love ocean.



Flyin’ Over the Hill


It may seem that we are stuck in a forever-waiting period.  But the great change for Gaia, the galaxy and the universe are picking up speed.

Here’s a short instrumental I wrote that I like to close my eyes to, and imagine myself with wings, picking up speed, in pure joy.

Love and Light to All.