Share a Smile and Feel Good All Day


I made a quick trip to the market for a few fruits and veg and our favorite small-dairy milk.   This market trains all of its associates to engage and care for their customers.   From keeping the store clean and attractive to interactions in the aisles and at checkout.  Nice.

This trip, even though I had just a few items, a young associate came over to checkout asking if I wanted any help taking the groceries out. She had the nicest smile, I couldn’t help telling her so and sharing the smile.  She brightened, then looked down and back up…  she said “my mom spent thousands on these teeth for that”  and I said,  “your mom is great but your real smile comes from the inside out.”  She beamed like a floodlight.   I hope it helped make her day.  I felt joy all day long, and still do, days later.  Such a small thing, such a big impact.  No money involved. 🙂

Postscript:   Amazing Synchronicity

Talk about instant manifestation!   I wrote this post at 8:58am on July12, several days after the shared smile.  At 10:30am, I was at our veterinarian’s office with two new kittens, Meenie and Moe.   In walks the associate with the great smile, and her Mom, and they sit down right across from me.  I just about fell out of my seat.   I brought up the smile story and the shared joy lit up the room.   I still don’t know the names of these luminous people, but I would not be surprised to see them again.   And yes, Mom has a wonderful smile too!


Flyin’ Over the Hill


It may seem that we are stuck in a forever-waiting period.  But the great change for Gaia, the galaxy and the universe are picking up speed.

Here’s a short instrumental I wrote that I like to close my eyes to, and imagine myself with wings, picking up speed, in pure joy.

Love and Light to All.