Why Not Journal Your Dreams?

orb lights

Just my opinion, dreams are just as much life, it not moreso, than waking consciousness.  If I feel it is OK, I will ask people about their dreams.  I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still am when someone tells me that they don’t really dream, or that they don’t really remember their dreams.  I would feel like half of my life disappeared if I didn’t dream and remember them.

Dreams have brought me answers to practical problems as well as stunningly vivid visions of consciousness beyond normal left-brain waking life.   I am deeply grateful for the joys, adventures and lessons imparted in dreams.

It took a few prods, but I finally decided that keeping a journal of dreams couldn’t hurt and might enhance dream life.   I’ve only been at it for a few weeks, but it has been a revelation.   I try to either write some quick notes immediately upon waking up in the middle of the night, or at least capture what I can when waking in the morning. Sometimes the whole dream will play out in the notes right away, sometimes the first few notes will trigger additional detailed memory from one or more dreams over the day or even a couple days.

A few things I’ve discovered in journaling my dreams.  First, I can now clearly see that there are distinct dream themes or “tracks” that I hadn’t really noticed before.   There are a couple tracks that appear to be piecing together as parallel or past lives… there may not be a dream on a particular track for a couple weeks but when it comes it is easy to see how it is part of a larger tableau.   This is very exciting because I’ve only had disconnected hunches before about these other lives/timelines.

Second, recording the dream in as much detail as possible has helped fuse some of the learn/teachings of the dreaming or astral plane with daily waking consciousness, helping dreams that seem meant as lessons or guideposts to keep delivering their benefit.

Finally, I found that after starting dream journaling there is a much better chance I will recognize and remember particularly powerful dreams in detail.  Recently I had a technicolor vivid dream where I metamorphosed so I could see my burgundy beating heart in my chest cavity, fully exposed, yet protected, and glowing  with strong green and gold auras.   And then, a dream where I was in a field with maybe a dozen other beings, and we were all floating in air practicing turning on and off our inner lights – we became superbright glowing orbs.  It was so much fun…  our teacher gently reminded us to be careful when “lighting up” so as not to harm other nearby beings.

I can’t remember the last time taking a few notes has made such a difference in my life.  I hope it will do the same for you.