Living in the Moment of Thought


A thought unleashed has life,  affecting our beliefs, motivating conversations, and causing things to change in our physical world. Thoughts are very powerful, so why wouldn’t we want to apply our thinking power to thought itself?

Being mindful of our thoughts is a huge key to moving our consciousness and life in the direction we desire.  Simply, how great would it be if each of our thoughts only affirmed and/or expanded our positive intentions, allowing them to be shared with other selves?

Some simple practices seem to help me live in the “moment of thought”–

  • In self-conversation, which is typically going on pretty much all the time, it is all to easy to let our thought-stream just flow and automatically engage in it, for better or worse.  When in self-conversation, observe each thought as it occurs and do not immediately engage it- take a breath before speaking (either silently inside or out loud).  Release (“erase’) thoughts that are not consistent with our highest desires before they “go live in the wild”.   Reaffirm our desires/intentions to help prompt consistent positive thoughts.
  • In conversation with other selves,
    • Try to be mindful of what we react to and how we react, remembering that it’s not our job to change other selves, just our own self.   If we find ourselves in conversation where the point is for one to win and the other to lose, let go.   Being controlled or needing to control takes us away from our highest consciousness.   If you must take part in a “who’s right” conversation, for example, professionally, you can present well-grounded assessments based on solid observations without making it a power-play, and let others be the judges.
    • Be aware of the root or motivation of each conversation; you do not have to engage if it is not consistent with your intentions.  Engaging in conversation born of fear, sense of lack, anger or judgment is likely to be a negative diversion.  Use disagreements to learn about your own beliefs and way of being rather than as an opportunity to correct the other or win.   Before you try to “have the last word”, think about where that is taking you…. closer to or farther away from your highest desires and intentions?
    • We all slip up.  if you find yourself going where you didn’t want to go in a conversation, then try to see how it happened, what you might do differently next time, and let it go.  Did you breathe and think before speaking?  Did you consciously decide to engage or release?   Once you’ve sorted it out, be sure to forgive the other self and yourself.  Reaffirm your desires and intentions.

Every thought is an opportunity to progress or slide backward!


A Long Story About a Quick Path to Higher Consciousness


Have you ever wondered what the purpose or point of your life is?  Do you find yourself aggravated, agitated, impatient or angry with others or yourself?  Do you feel like life is unfair?  Are you suspicious that things are not quite right in the world, that events are being controlled or manipulated?  Are you seeking a more peaceful and satisfying way of life?

I surely was.  I put in a long career “climbing the ladder”.   I assumed more and more responsibility and authority, reaching roles including company President and CEO several times.   Yet I felt incomplete and unsatisfied, and definitely not as happy as I “should have been”.

Then life dealt me a good one – I was scapegoated and fired based on lies.  I was devastated.  People I considered friends and even mentors turned aside or got in a kick here or there.   I had tried my very best to work for the team greater good in honesty and integrity.  How could such a bad thing happen to a good person?

I sank into despair.  It  was impossible to find a good role.  I was now too old, too expensive, too whatever.  I slowly built up a solo consulting practice.  Along the way I hit rough patches.   I thought a lot about killing myself.  I took entry level jobs to stay busy including groceries and crowd-source grocery delivery.

An old friend and a new one “saved me” with a good consulting project.  The suicidal thoughts diminished.  I found new purpose in the work and especially in the approval and camaraderie of others.  Despite an improved sense of self-worth, I still found myself agitated and angry with daily inconveniences and a growing sense that the world was rigged economically and politically, with the potential for great calamity.   To an outside observer, this would be easy to diagnose as fear of and for the future.  But I was inside this swirl of emotions, unable to untangle and clear.

Today I am almost entirely in a state of either total peace or bliss.  I don’t use/abuse any drugs of any kind.  I do not react to events and inconveniences.   I find great joy in Nature and exploring the potential of my consciousness and soul.  What happened!?

This shift happened over a relatively short time, just weeks or months.  I had been studying Universal Laws and felt great resonance with the teachings about the Law of Attraction and Karma.   I began to meditate at least twice a day with an intention to release all the baggage of the past.  I meditated on gratitude to the One Infinite Creator and all his/her children, including our Mother Gaia/Earth, our Sun and the Galactic Logos around which our Sun and Earth orbit.   I meditated on forgiveness and release of all things… an inversion of Arya Stark’s self-catechism in Game of Thrones… I repeatedly forgave those who I formerly felt had done me wrong.  I searched memory to uncover every hurt I felt through my entire life and forgive all involved.  And finally I focused on forgiving myself for all the mistakes and wrongs I have thought and acted.

Along with the forgiving, I meditated on sending out Unconditional Love and Light.  Someone advised that it is helpful to each day select from three groupings of people or consciousnesses – those that you care deeply about in a positive way, those that you care deeply about in a negative way, and those who you know but do not feel a great deal of care or concern for.

At this same time, I had found and was devouring a work called the Law of One.  This is a thought-provoking and demanding work.  In it I reached a huge A-HA! moment.  I finally realized, after all these decades of striving, struggling and worrying, that I had been pursuing a life path, or polarization, biased towards service to self.  I realized that that path  would most likely lead to becoming ruthless and/or heartess even if wise, as the service to self path is a pyramid that only one consciousness can sit atop. In this path, all others must be slaves, in a rigid control-based hierarchy or “pecking order” that is constantly upset by people striving to rise up and push others down.   From my earliest memories I know myself to be a free spirit… I HATE being controlled, and I have zero wish to control others.  Then WHY have I pursued such a path?   Immediately I determined to adopt the path of my true self, the service to others path.   This has been incredibly liberating and joyful.

Shifting to the service to others path enabled me to see conditions in the world much more clearly.  The service to self path, also called the control-over-others paradigm, dominates economic, political, and religious affairs.   I’ve never been religious per se (spiritual, not religious), I have become politically “independent”, but I realized I still lived within the still-dominant economic discourse of money, and finance, controlled by people I do not support.   Time to hit the kill switch on mass media, controlled by the global cabal.  Time for much more discernment of news, in the heart as much as the mind.   Losing mainstream media influence has been another incredible liberator.   I do not miss the bludgeoning imagery and sounds of incessant war, acts of violence, strife, chaos, fear-mongering and division of groups of humanity against each other.


Just a few changes over some weeks and months have enabled me to become the creator of my own wonderful future-

MEDITATING – going inside to hear the little voice within

LETTING GO – forgiving all especially self and asking for and giving unconditional love and light

TURNING OFF THE CONTROL MATRIX – no more TV news or entertainment,  no cabal-produced movies, and no cabal-owned internet channels.   Now this is hard to achieve in practice unless you live alone, but you can mostly tune out.  Eventually you will increase your discernment and you will know who is doing the talking and what they are trying to accomplish from it.

No more fear. No more aggravation.  Only peace and bliss.

I will never go back, only forward.   I now see a glorious future for Gaia and humanity.  The control-over paradigm has run its course.  There is a profound rebalancing of energies ongoing including the rise of the feminine Goddess energy.   I know in my heart that war is not only uneccessary, but that it will become a hard-to-believe historical meme.  I know in my heart that the current money and debt-slavery financing system is collapsing and will be replaced by collaboration for the betterment of all humanity and Earth.   I know in my heart that Truth will be disclosed and humanity will be able to join other intelligent and more highly evolved races as co-creators and co-stewards of the universe.