Political Pageantry and Ritual

convention balloons

To paraphrase George Carlin, every four years you don’t get to make a national political choice.  The so-called election process is decided and controlled at the highest levels of global elitism, trust me, they really don’t care (much) which of the two candidates / combatants prevails, but if they do they have ways of tipping the balloting process just in case.

The election process is an excellent opportunity to distract the public with pomp and ceremony with much impassioned if empty rhetoric, while ramping up the world chaos and control agenda. The level of pageantry in politics is impressive, rivaling the Olympic games, The World Cup, The Super Bowl, the Miss Whatever, the parade of entertainment award ceremonies, and all events church, with Catholicism setting the standard.

One thing in common to all high level pageantry is both spectacle and ritualistic performance.  Isn’t it amazing how similar the performance and symbolism is at both Democrat and Republican conventions?   Pageant and ritual are hallmarks of events produced by hierarchical, control-over-others organizations. Whenever you see big-time pageantry and ritual, it’s a good tip to take a very detached, observer view rather than getting embroiled emotionally.

Author: robertrkimball

Lifelong observer, seeker, questioner, musician, humor-lover, problem-solver. Awakened from a successful service-to-self tech career by the Law of One. Live to learn/teach and inspire/be inspired through Universal Truths and Laws. Much gratitude and love to ALL.

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