Look in the Mirror and Find the Cause


Impatience has been a lifelong challenge.   It seems to seek any weakness or letup in my regular meditations of gratitude and forgiveness, and whack, there it is again.

The other day I got a well-earned rebuke for impatience.   My first reaction was wrong, I took some exception to the strength of the criticism rather than examining its cause, which would of course be within, not without.

A few quiet minutes clarified the cause and the lesson.   Recently I have been impatient with myself… sometimes feeling there just isn’t enough time (laugh) to get myself right (bigger laugh) to be able to contribute as much as possible (uh huh) to the transformation of consciousness on Gaia.  What happened to letting go, release, surrender?   With a little thought, I can visualize this going back a long way, to little things, like taking longer than other kids to tie my shoes, so they’d already have run out onto the play yard.

The spiritual chain of cause and effect was now clear —   FEAR of missing out or being left behind > IMPATIENCE with mySELF to do more, faster > projected IMPATIENCE on innocent other SELVES – if I have to hurry up, then you should too! >  Correction/Snap!

Whatever happens outside can be seen for what it is, in the mirror.

Author: robertrkimball

Lifelong observer, seeker, questioner, musician, humor-lover, problem-solver. Awakened from a successful service-to-self tech career by the Law of One. Live to learn/teach and inspire/be inspired through Universal Truths and Laws. Much gratitude and love to ALL.

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