Living in the Moment of Thought


A thought unleashed has life,  affecting our beliefs, motivating conversations, and causing things to change in our physical world. Thoughts are very powerful, so why wouldn’t we want to apply our thinking power to thought itself?

Being mindful of our thoughts is a huge key to moving our consciousness and life in the direction we desire.  Simply, how great would it be if each of our thoughts only affirmed and/or expanded our positive intentions, allowing them to be shared with other selves?

Some simple practices seem to help me live in the “moment of thought”–

  • In self-conversation, which is typically going on pretty much all the time, it is all to easy to let our thought-stream just flow and automatically engage in it, for better or worse.  When in self-conversation, observe each thought as it occurs and do not immediately engage it- take a breath before speaking (either silently inside or out loud).  Release (“erase’) thoughts that are not consistent with our highest desires before they “go live in the wild”.   Reaffirm our desires/intentions to help prompt consistent positive thoughts.
  • In conversation with other selves,
    • Try to be mindful of what we react to and how we react, remembering that it’s not our job to change other selves, just our own self.   If we find ourselves in conversation where the point is for one to win and the other to lose, let go.   Being controlled or needing to control takes us away from our highest consciousness.   If you must take part in a “who’s right” conversation, for example, professionally, you can present well-grounded assessments based on solid observations without making it a power-play, and let others be the judges.
    • Be aware of the root or motivation of each conversation; you do not have to engage if it is not consistent with your intentions.  Engaging in conversation born of fear, sense of lack, anger or judgment is likely to be a negative diversion.  Use disagreements to learn about your own beliefs and way of being rather than as an opportunity to correct the other or win.   Before you try to “have the last word”, think about where that is taking you…. closer to or farther away from your highest desires and intentions?
    • We all slip up.  if you find yourself going where you didn’t want to go in a conversation, then try to see how it happened, what you might do differently next time, and let it go.  Did you breathe and think before speaking?  Did you consciously decide to engage or release?   Once you’ve sorted it out, be sure to forgive the other self and yourself.  Reaffirm your desires and intentions.

Every thought is an opportunity to progress or slide backward!


Author: robertrkimball

Lifelong observer, seeker, questioner, musician, humor-lover, problem-solver. Awakened from a successful service-to-self tech career by the Law of One. Live to learn/teach and inspire/be inspired through Universal Truths and Laws. Much gratitude and love to ALL.

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