Keshe Plasma Free Energy Breaks Out!


The Keshe Foundation today gave a very important announcement of progress of its plasma based energy technology that promises to break the oil-based, burn-the-planet economic monopoly.   In the lengthy (2.5 hours) stream, there are two videos I will point out that are very compelling for all of our futures together.

If you aren’t familiar with the name, Dr. Mehran Keshe is a brilliant nuclear physicist from Iran who has dedicated himself to the study and development of plasma materials at room temperature & pressure, in a quest to mimic/mirror energy systems of the universe itself – stars, planets, all the way down to atoms and subatomic particles.  His quest, for the benefit of all, is access to and use of universal free energy for any conceivable purpose- power, space travel, health and more.

I have followed Dr. Keshe’s teachings for quite awhile and observed the classic stages of technology teaching and propagation – hope, excitement, discouragement, frustration, abandonment.    Today, along with Dr. Keshe lecture, we got to see independent practitioners, one in the USA, one in Kenya, who are proving the validity of Keshe’s theories of energy acquisition and control based on nano/plasma physics in their workshops .

Click to see whole Keshe announcement July 26, 2016:

At about 13:25 video #1 from the USA demonstrates a working Magrav generator system driving 2-3 Kilowatts of load.  Fully disconnected from grid or any other power source.

At about 30:00, video #2 from Kenya demonstrates the creation of what I would call a magnetic/gravitic torsion field with zero moving parts.  The demonstration consists of a ping pong ball filled with plasmatic material Dr. Keshe calls GANS – Gas in a Nano State  (btw, anybody can make Gans materials following Dr. Keshe’s instructional material which is FREE) and a container with some water at the bottom.  When the ball is lowered into the neck of the container, the water starts to swirl around the bottom.  Let this filter in for a bit… think about what this can mean.

Dr. Keshe is dead serious about lifting the planet out of elitist monopoly control, giving all the benefit of free energy and in time, even access to personal anti-gravitic travel, on and even off-planet.

You may not have the patience to follow Dr. Keshe in detail, and that is OK.  But you will do yourself a favor to become and stay aware of advances made Keshe, his foundation and by the opensource Keshe maker community.   People talk about breaking free; this is one of the finest examples of people making it happen.