Unconditional or Conditional Love?

Unconditional love is unconditional.  Sounds obvious but it is well worth quietly contemplating for a minute.

It means sending love to our universe, galaxy, solar system, planet and all sentient life.  That includes all people.  Not just people we like.   Especially people we react to or we feel have hurt us.

I say this because this is a time of seeming chaos and unending calamity in the external physical world.   This seeming chaos and calamity is promoted by those control life on Earth because it helps perpetuate their control.   A frightened, divided population is much less likely to achieve mass awakening and fulfillment in a world based on abundance.  Instead it trudges along in self-inflicted servitude in an artificial world of scarcity and lack to masters who despise and abuse them.   Like in the Wizard of Oz, the power over the population only persists because the population believes in it and unknowingly supports its continuation.   We say, “oh no, we’re not doing that!”   Really?  We need look no further than mass-televised protests that not only represent claims for inalienable rights as divine beings in a free-will universe but also direct loathing and dare I say it, even hate at others.   This behavior may be rationalized, but it is not consistent with unconditional love.

To love unconditionally, our compassion and forgiveness must be for all, not just ones we choose.  Choosing who to love is conditional love.   Conditional love says “I only love you if you agree with me and take up positions against those who do not agree with me.”   Love in the context we speak of it here may be best understood as universal compassion.  It doesn’t mean having to befriend or develop deep personal relationships with anyone and everyone.  Those are free-will choices for all.   Universal compassion however does acknowledge the value and free-will rights of all, even those commonly characterized as “wrong” or even worse, “evil”.

Conditional love divides and separates people, and keeps both expressers and receivers in low vibratory states.   How ironic.  The elites’ control-over-others global control matrix works hard to keep the controlled populace in low vibratory states and loves it when the suppressed population acts to further its own enslavement.   Which is one reason why the elite controlled media seems to concentrate its spotlight on protests, fights, arguments, crime, wars, and calamity.   Why would we do anything to support and feed that control system?  The control system does not consider people living in harmony and helping each other to be newsworthy.   Unconditional love has no expectation of reward.  And certainly no expectation of “news coverage”.

Unconditional love does not vilify individuals or groups, insult them, call them names, or try to control them no matter how strongly we react to them.   Unconditional love does not try to bend others to our will. Unconditional love helps us find gratitude for what others teach us even as our emotional reactions may be painful or unwanted, however illuminating our own soul.

Our collective sovereignty and freedom to live to our fullest depends on each of us choosing to rise and live each moment above fear, anger, hate and judgment.  That requires us to be mindful of each and every thought, for our thoughts create the life and reality we experience.   If we find ourselves loving conditionally, we can forgive ourselves and choose to change.  Forgiveness erases the karmic slate, and lets us start again with a fresh thought based on love and light, that will help us reach our highest potential and joy.

You can check out any time you like…

… the degree of leaving that can be manifested remains to be known.

It seems many have experienced  flu/pneumonia symptoms – huge coughing, chills, other yech in the last couple weeks of december.   All four in our family had it.   What was really unusual was the suddenness of onset… I started symptoms Christmas Eve; everyone else in the family was sick by the next day, even though we hadn’t all been together prior to the afternoon of the 24th.

My inner voice told me several times that this is not a normal infection; rather it is some  kind of payload acquired by normal breathing that was suddenly activated.  I can’t prove this, but it fits the pattern.  I found myself wishing I had a microscope.

11:30 am, December 26, 2016 :  Golden Vortex and Light Column

Feeling like a sack of you-know-what.  I kept feeling that this illness was something energetic as well as physical and wondered if it might respond to meditation.

So I went to take a meditating nap.  First, my body was shivering and shaking pretty uncontrollably.  I found a tone to hum and focus on my breathing.  At least the shaking became more of a rhythmic rocking.   The first suggestion that came was to ask for a healing golden light, to remove negative energies.    For a while I was getting shifting patterns of green, blue and gold but after awhile, gold light became more predominant.  It felt like the whole room was warming up.

Half-asleep, half-awake, the peaceful warming sensation changed, I had a sense that I was slipping into a kind of whirlpool or vortex.   The swirling got faster and faster, and then the golden light became almost a solid column going to and from me,  I could distinctly feel energy flowing in and then back out and up/away.   As this became more intense, my body started coughing with unbelieveable intensit, and my head started feeling wet, my eyes were running, and I sensed I was rising more to waking consciousnees.  I could see thru the wet blur that the bed, or at least the bed spread I was lying on, was rapidly rotating in the vortex formation I had felt and that the fabric was a white ocean.   I felt much energy or energies flowing up and out of me in a golden column.  The light was very warm and welcoming but I had a sudden heart feeling that was a choice to completely “go with the flow” or remain in physicality on the bed.  I chose the latter.  Very quickly I awoke fully, gasping for breath, head spinning.   As I sat up, I realized my body shaking and chills were gone along with the cough.  It was as if I hadn’t been ill at all.

I felt great for the rest of the afternoon.  Since then, some coughing and cleanup resumed.

I’ve been shown how possible it is to literally check out of physical conscousnious and just go.   This is an amazing gift I will be forever grateful for.



Will I Ascend in this Cycle?

heavenlysunriseThe blogosphere and tubeosphere  is full of channelings and commentary on the topic of Ascension… the much-anticipated step-up in consciousness for our planet Gaia and humanity.  The topic is compelling for anyone interested in their spirit/soul journey and lifting their consciousness up to more fully experience the All/One in unconditional love and light.

Not surprisingly, there is a wide array of interpretation as to the ascension phenomenon, though there are some consistent themes. One of these themes is the expectation that not all humans will ascend to higher consciousness in this cycle.  Those locked in to the current paradigm based on control-over-others and control-over-planet are not expected to make the energetic / vibrational shift. There is some consensus that they will be given more life experiences as physically incarnated selves on other suitable planets.   OK, but is that where you want to go?   What about the many of us who desire to make the dimensional upshift?  Will we make it?  Or just a very few?

In the Law of One, the ascended Venusian social memory complex Ra shared that in Earth’s past several 25,600 year galactic cycles, not one human ascended (was “harvested” in Ra’s terminology) to the next dimension of consciousness.   Another (?) Ra being, Ra-Teir-Eir, who has also been identified as a highly evolved “blue avian” has recently been channeled as estimating only 300,000 human souls on Earth are now ready for harvest.   It’s worth noting that according to Ra, harvest or ascension is possible for both Service-to-Others STO and Service-to-Self STS selves.  In the Law of One, to be harvestable STO, a self needs to have achieved more than 50% positive polarization. The test for STS is much stricter, requiring over 95% negative polarization.   In this view, selves that have not consciously chosen a path would have little chance of ascension as polarization is gained/earned, not a given.  Those that have not really worked their path probably wouldn’t make it, either.   Whistleblower Corey Goode recently noted that Ra-Teir-Eir said he was not among the 300,000.  Makes you wonder… who IS ready and how did they walk the walk to get there?  Are there “automatic disqualifiers?”  For example, if you are not a vegan, is it impossible to achieve 51% STO polarization?

Other ascended consciousnesses are quoted saying that this galactic cycle is different, that Gaia’s ascension will be much more inclusive with a powerful energetic assist from the universe, galaxy and sun. That sounds good to me, but what if you or I don’t make it?

We are each our own spiritual masters and keepers. We choose our path and live/work it.  Our experience/learning continues to accrue through each incarnated life.   There is no chronological timeline for anyone’s ascension.  If we don’t make it this time, there will be more opportunities.  Possibly not on Gaia, but a similar physical plane in the universe.  And most likely with less or no abusive external interference.

Whatever the outcome of this cycle, our spiritual work remains the same – (assuming you are on the STO path) practice unconditional love and forgiveness for self and others in every thought and action, and reject fear, anger and judgment.   Worrying about anything, including ascension, takes us off course.   As they say, everything is as it should be… let your thoughts create your reality…  so be well, be in joy and let your love and light shine.



Why Not Journal Your Dreams?

orb lights

Just my opinion, dreams are just as much life, it not moreso, than waking consciousness.  If I feel it is OK, I will ask people about their dreams.  I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still am when someone tells me that they don’t really dream, or that they don’t really remember their dreams.  I would feel like half of my life disappeared if I didn’t dream and remember them.

Dreams have brought me answers to practical problems as well as stunningly vivid visions of consciousness beyond normal left-brain waking life.   I am deeply grateful for the joys, adventures and lessons imparted in dreams.

It took a few prods, but I finally decided that keeping a journal of dreams couldn’t hurt and might enhance dream life.   I’ve only been at it for a few weeks, but it has been a revelation.   I try to either write some quick notes immediately upon waking up in the middle of the night, or at least capture what I can when waking in the morning. Sometimes the whole dream will play out in the notes right away, sometimes the first few notes will trigger additional detailed memory from one or more dreams over the day or even a couple days.

A few things I’ve discovered in journaling my dreams.  First, I can now clearly see that there are distinct dream themes or “tracks” that I hadn’t really noticed before.   There are a couple tracks that appear to be piecing together as parallel or past lives… there may not be a dream on a particular track for a couple weeks but when it comes it is easy to see how it is part of a larger tableau.   This is very exciting because I’ve only had disconnected hunches before about these other lives/timelines.

Second, recording the dream in as much detail as possible has helped fuse some of the learn/teachings of the dreaming or astral plane with daily waking consciousness, helping dreams that seem meant as lessons or guideposts to keep delivering their benefit.

Finally, I found that after starting dream journaling there is a much better chance I will recognize and remember particularly powerful dreams in detail.  Recently I had a technicolor vivid dream where I metamorphosed so I could see my burgundy beating heart in my chest cavity, fully exposed, yet protected, and glowing  with strong green and gold auras.   And then, a dream where I was in a field with maybe a dozen other beings, and we were all floating in air practicing turning on and off our inner lights – we became superbright glowing orbs.  It was so much fun…  our teacher gently reminded us to be careful when “lighting up” so as not to harm other nearby beings.

I can’t remember the last time taking a few notes has made such a difference in my life.  I hope it will do the same for you.




Living in the Moment of Thought


A thought unleashed has life,  affecting our beliefs, motivating conversations, and causing things to change in our physical world. Thoughts are very powerful, so why wouldn’t we want to apply our thinking power to thought itself?

Being mindful of our thoughts is a huge key to moving our consciousness and life in the direction we desire.  Simply, how great would it be if each of our thoughts only affirmed and/or expanded our positive intentions, allowing them to be shared with other selves?

Some simple practices seem to help me live in the “moment of thought”–

  • In self-conversation, which is typically going on pretty much all the time, it is all to easy to let our thought-stream just flow and automatically engage in it, for better or worse.  When in self-conversation, observe each thought as it occurs and do not immediately engage it- take a breath before speaking (either silently inside or out loud).  Release (“erase’) thoughts that are not consistent with our highest desires before they “go live in the wild”.   Reaffirm our desires/intentions to help prompt consistent positive thoughts.
  • In conversation with other selves,
    • Try to be mindful of what we react to and how we react, remembering that it’s not our job to change other selves, just our own self.   If we find ourselves in conversation where the point is for one to win and the other to lose, let go.   Being controlled or needing to control takes us away from our highest consciousness.   If you must take part in a “who’s right” conversation, for example, professionally, you can present well-grounded assessments based on solid observations without making it a power-play, and let others be the judges.
    • Be aware of the root or motivation of each conversation; you do not have to engage if it is not consistent with your intentions.  Engaging in conversation born of fear, sense of lack, anger or judgment is likely to be a negative diversion.  Use disagreements to learn about your own beliefs and way of being rather than as an opportunity to correct the other or win.   Before you try to “have the last word”, think about where that is taking you…. closer to or farther away from your highest desires and intentions?
    • We all slip up.  if you find yourself going where you didn’t want to go in a conversation, then try to see how it happened, what you might do differently next time, and let it go.  Did you breathe and think before speaking?  Did you consciously decide to engage or release?   Once you’ve sorted it out, be sure to forgive the other self and yourself.  Reaffirm your desires and intentions.

Every thought is an opportunity to progress or slide backward!


Political Pageantry and Ritual

convention balloons

To paraphrase George Carlin, every four years you don’t get to make a national political choice.  The so-called election process is decided and controlled at the highest levels of global elitism, trust me, they really don’t care (much) which of the two candidates / combatants prevails, but if they do they have ways of tipping the balloting process just in case.

The election process is an excellent opportunity to distract the public with pomp and ceremony with much impassioned if empty rhetoric, while ramping up the world chaos and control agenda. The level of pageantry in politics is impressive, rivaling the Olympic games, The World Cup, The Super Bowl, the Miss Whatever, the parade of entertainment award ceremonies, and all events church, with Catholicism setting the standard.

One thing in common to all high level pageantry is both spectacle and ritualistic performance.  Isn’t it amazing how similar the performance and symbolism is at both Democrat and Republican conventions?   Pageant and ritual are hallmarks of events produced by hierarchical, control-over-others organizations. Whenever you see big-time pageantry and ritual, it’s a good tip to take a very detached, observer view rather than getting embroiled emotionally.

Knowing versus Remembering

Knowing Heart left

When asked about your past, how does your perception form?

I realized that recently this has completely changed for me.  Until this year, I would have automatically remembered and then visualized conversations, events or places in their context of linear (calendar/clock) time.

Without realizing it was going on, my consciousness has been very busy constructing a much more inclusive NOW that accommodates this incarnation and much more, and unhooking the automatic links to linear time.   I know the past of this incarnation as part of the whole NOW, but now I have to “manually” work to link this knowing to linear time in the way of former remembrances.

I don’t remember how or when this transformation happened, but now I KNOW!   Love and Light to All.

Share a Smile and Feel Good All Day


I made a quick trip to the market for a few fruits and veg and our favorite small-dairy milk.   This market trains all of its associates to engage and care for their customers.   From keeping the store clean and attractive to interactions in the aisles and at checkout.  Nice.

This trip, even though I had just a few items, a young associate came over to checkout asking if I wanted any help taking the groceries out. She had the nicest smile, I couldn’t help telling her so and sharing the smile.  She brightened, then looked down and back up…  she said “my mom spent thousands on these teeth for that”  and I said,  “your mom is great but your real smile comes from the inside out.”  She beamed like a floodlight.   I hope it helped make her day.  I felt joy all day long, and still do, days later.  Such a small thing, such a big impact.  No money involved. 🙂

Postscript:   Amazing Synchronicity

Talk about instant manifestation!   I wrote this post at 8:58am on July12, several days after the shared smile.  At 10:30am, I was at our veterinarian’s office with two new kittens, Meenie and Moe.   In walks the associate with the great smile, and her Mom, and they sit down right across from me.  I just about fell out of my seat.   I brought up the smile story and the shared joy lit up the room.   I still don’t know the names of these luminous people, but I would not be surprised to see them again.   And yes, Mom has a wonderful smile too!


Accumulated Thoughts, Moods and Forgiveness


Every thought we form has a life of its own now and into the future.   Each thought contributes to an inner conversation and external discourse.  Over time, repeated thoughts, even  small and fleeting, can accumulate, reinforcing positive or negative moods.   The power of mood is great.  Our moods are our assessments of and for the future… they can strongly influence our future possibilities and actions with others.  Positive moods are like paradises; negative ones like trash heaps.  They truly are self-fulfilling.

Our family has had a historic tendency to value and assess equity and reciprocity in relationships.   This discernment can contribute a happier future if it helps us invest more in relationships we deem to be “fairer”.   On the other hand, as a judgment,  it can contribute to a prevailing if under-the-surface mood of resentment, especially in relationships where repeated invocation of the fairness test effects no change.   If we don’t want to carry the baggage of a resentful mood around with us, we need to let it go, since all change comes from the inside out.

I bring this up in relation to the practice of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is like a universal solvent for karmic crud.  If we are carrying around a mood of resentment toward someone built up over a long time of repeated thoughts/judgments, it may take many many invocations of forgiveness both to the other self for any perceived offenses, as well as many repetitions of forgiveness to your self for thinking and holding the initial judgment thoughts instead of letting them pass. Some stains need a lot of bleach!






Look in the Mirror and Find the Cause


Impatience has been a lifelong challenge.   It seems to seek any weakness or letup in my regular meditations of gratitude and forgiveness, and whack, there it is again.

The other day I got a well-earned rebuke for impatience.   My first reaction was wrong, I took some exception to the strength of the criticism rather than examining its cause, which would of course be within, not without.

A few quiet minutes clarified the cause and the lesson.   Recently I have been impatient with myself… sometimes feeling there just isn’t enough time (laugh) to get myself right (bigger laugh) to be able to contribute as much as possible (uh huh) to the transformation of consciousness on Gaia.  What happened to letting go, release, surrender?   With a little thought, I can visualize this going back a long way, to little things, like taking longer than other kids to tie my shoes, so they’d already have run out onto the play yard.

The spiritual chain of cause and effect was now clear —   FEAR of missing out or being left behind > IMPATIENCE with mySELF to do more, faster > projected IMPATIENCE on innocent other SELVES – if I have to hurry up, then you should too! >  Correction/Snap!

Whatever happens outside can be seen for what it is, in the mirror.