I ate a hiatus… but it all happened NOW

Slumber? No, very busy.  Alarm? No, life unfolds in synchronicity.

Still, somewhat amusing that it’s been a year and a half since I posted here.  There are very wise advisers who advise don’t tell, show.  I fully believe that.  Each of us is unique, we have our own paths, vibrations, colors, ways of receiving, expressing, transmitting and transmuting energies.

So I’m not telling.  Just sharing.  As they say, just for entertainment and amusement.

The chaos in the three-dimensional, linear, clock-based world continues and has risen in pitch and tension during my brief hiatus.   Light is exposing more and more Dark energy and Dark energy is fighting harder and harder for its very existence.  Dark doesn’t not know anything beyond itself.  It cannot cognize that this transformational test of Light and Dark has been concluded on our dear Earth/ Gaia and Light has prevailed.   There may well be more horrors but they won’t have the impact they once did.

Though the Victory of the Light is past being a potential to a reality, awful deeds continue, and even those professing their allegiance to Light, Love and Truth are exhibiting hate and vilification to the players on the Dark side, unaware or uncaring that their own hate is a big part of the dwindling energetic sustenance needed by the Dark.   Be Love and Light, be Compassionate Action, and Dark recedes and even disappears.  Humanity has been so trained to live in modes of survival and drama that it remains addicted despite best intentions.

Much has been promised and conjectured about a singular “Event” that will wash over Earth and set things right for an epoch of peace and consciousness development.  Sounds great, but a lot like a magic pill.  Such a linear human notion.  My inner voice counsels patience.  It might well take many generations for most of the population to achieve inner peace, joy and balance and that process is highly appropriate.  The “Event” prophecy can be true with a caveat that it doesn’t observe 3D clock time… God has no human clock time, so neither is there any clock time for the part of the Creative Source inside each of us.   The Event can be both NOW and take hundreds or even many thousands of years.   It took humanity a couple hundred thousand clock years to progress from awareness of Spirit, Light and Dark to the present time.   Relax, you will be back to experience all the wonder of the Event, and add even more magnificence to your cumulative soul.  Time is overrated.  It’s all good.