Living in the Moment of Thought


A thought unleashed has life,  affecting our beliefs, motivating conversations, and causing things to change in our physical world. Thoughts are very powerful, so why wouldn’t we want to apply our thinking power to thought itself?

Being mindful of our thoughts is a huge key to moving our consciousness and life in the direction we desire.  Simply, how great would it be if each of our thoughts only affirmed and/or expanded our positive intentions, allowing them to be shared with other selves?

Some simple practices seem to help me live in the “moment of thought”–

  • In self-conversation, which is typically going on pretty much all the time, it is all to easy to let our thought-stream just flow and automatically engage in it, for better or worse.  When in self-conversation, observe each thought as it occurs and do not immediately engage it- take a breath before speaking (either silently inside or out loud).  Release (“erase’) thoughts that are not consistent with our highest desires before they “go live in the wild”.   Reaffirm our desires/intentions to help prompt consistent positive thoughts.
  • In conversation with other selves,
    • Try to be mindful of what we react to and how we react, remembering that it’s not our job to change other selves, just our own self.   If we find ourselves in conversation where the point is for one to win and the other to lose, let go.   Being controlled or needing to control takes us away from our highest consciousness.   If you must take part in a “who’s right” conversation, for example, professionally, you can present well-grounded assessments based on solid observations without making it a power-play, and let others be the judges.
    • Be aware of the root or motivation of each conversation; you do not have to engage if it is not consistent with your intentions.  Engaging in conversation born of fear, sense of lack, anger or judgment is likely to be a negative diversion.  Use disagreements to learn about your own beliefs and way of being rather than as an opportunity to correct the other or win.   Before you try to “have the last word”, think about where that is taking you…. closer to or farther away from your highest desires and intentions?
    • We all slip up.  if you find yourself going where you didn’t want to go in a conversation, then try to see how it happened, what you might do differently next time, and let it go.  Did you breathe and think before speaking?  Did you consciously decide to engage or release?   Once you’ve sorted it out, be sure to forgive the other self and yourself.  Reaffirm your desires and intentions.

Every thought is an opportunity to progress or slide backward!


Keshe Plasma Free Energy Breaks Out!


The Keshe Foundation today gave a very important announcement of progress of its plasma based energy technology that promises to break the oil-based, burn-the-planet economic monopoly.   In the lengthy (2.5 hours) stream, there are two videos I will point out that are very compelling for all of our futures together.

If you aren’t familiar with the name, Dr. Mehran Keshe is a brilliant nuclear physicist from Iran who has dedicated himself to the study and development of plasma materials at room temperature & pressure, in a quest to mimic/mirror energy systems of the universe itself – stars, planets, all the way down to atoms and subatomic particles.  His quest, for the benefit of all, is access to and use of universal free energy for any conceivable purpose- power, space travel, health and more.

I have followed Dr. Keshe’s teachings for quite awhile and observed the classic stages of technology teaching and propagation – hope, excitement, discouragement, frustration, abandonment.    Today, along with Dr. Keshe lecture, we got to see independent practitioners, one in the USA, one in Kenya, who are proving the validity of Keshe’s theories of energy acquisition and control based on nano/plasma physics in their workshops .

Click to see whole Keshe announcement July 26, 2016:

At about 13:25 video #1 from the USA demonstrates a working Magrav generator system driving 2-3 Kilowatts of load.  Fully disconnected from grid or any other power source.

At about 30:00, video #2 from Kenya demonstrates the creation of what I would call a magnetic/gravitic torsion field with zero moving parts.  The demonstration consists of a ping pong ball filled with plasmatic material Dr. Keshe calls GANS – Gas in a Nano State  (btw, anybody can make Gans materials following Dr. Keshe’s instructional material which is FREE) and a container with some water at the bottom.  When the ball is lowered into the neck of the container, the water starts to swirl around the bottom.  Let this filter in for a bit… think about what this can mean.

Dr. Keshe is dead serious about lifting the planet out of elitist monopoly control, giving all the benefit of free energy and in time, even access to personal anti-gravitic travel, on and even off-planet.

You may not have the patience to follow Dr. Keshe in detail, and that is OK.  But you will do yourself a favor to become and stay aware of advances made Keshe, his foundation and by the opensource Keshe maker community.   People talk about breaking free; this is one of the finest examples of people making it happen.


Political Pageantry and Ritual

convention balloons

To paraphrase George Carlin, every four years you don’t get to make a national political choice.  The so-called election process is decided and controlled at the highest levels of global elitism, trust me, they really don’t care (much) which of the two candidates / combatants prevails, but if they do they have ways of tipping the balloting process just in case.

The election process is an excellent opportunity to distract the public with pomp and ceremony with much impassioned if empty rhetoric, while ramping up the world chaos and control agenda. The level of pageantry in politics is impressive, rivaling the Olympic games, The World Cup, The Super Bowl, the Miss Whatever, the parade of entertainment award ceremonies, and all events church, with Catholicism setting the standard.

One thing in common to all high level pageantry is both spectacle and ritualistic performance.  Isn’t it amazing how similar the performance and symbolism is at both Democrat and Republican conventions?   Pageant and ritual are hallmarks of events produced by hierarchical, control-over-others organizations. Whenever you see big-time pageantry and ritual, it’s a good tip to take a very detached, observer view rather than getting embroiled emotionally.

Knowing versus Remembering

Knowing Heart left

When asked about your past, how does your perception form?

I realized that recently this has completely changed for me.  Until this year, I would have automatically remembered and then visualized conversations, events or places in their context of linear (calendar/clock) time.

Without realizing it was going on, my consciousness has been very busy constructing a much more inclusive NOW that accommodates this incarnation and much more, and unhooking the automatic links to linear time.   I know the past of this incarnation as part of the whole NOW, but now I have to “manually” work to link this knowing to linear time in the way of former remembrances.

I don’t remember how or when this transformation happened, but now I KNOW!   Love and Light to All.

Share a Smile and Feel Good All Day


I made a quick trip to the market for a few fruits and veg and our favorite small-dairy milk.   This market trains all of its associates to engage and care for their customers.   From keeping the store clean and attractive to interactions in the aisles and at checkout.  Nice.

This trip, even though I had just a few items, a young associate came over to checkout asking if I wanted any help taking the groceries out. She had the nicest smile, I couldn’t help telling her so and sharing the smile.  She brightened, then looked down and back up…  she said “my mom spent thousands on these teeth for that”  and I said,  “your mom is great but your real smile comes from the inside out.”  She beamed like a floodlight.   I hope it helped make her day.  I felt joy all day long, and still do, days later.  Such a small thing, such a big impact.  No money involved. 🙂

Postscript:   Amazing Synchronicity

Talk about instant manifestation!   I wrote this post at 8:58am on July12, several days after the shared smile.  At 10:30am, I was at our veterinarian’s office with two new kittens, Meenie and Moe.   In walks the associate with the great smile, and her Mom, and they sit down right across from me.  I just about fell out of my seat.   I brought up the smile story and the shared joy lit up the room.   I still don’t know the names of these luminous people, but I would not be surprised to see them again.   And yes, Mom has a wonderful smile too!


Accumulated Thoughts, Moods and Forgiveness


Every thought we form has a life of its own now and into the future.   Each thought contributes to an inner conversation and external discourse.  Over time, repeated thoughts, even  small and fleeting, can accumulate, reinforcing positive or negative moods.   The power of mood is great.  Our moods are our assessments of and for the future… they can strongly influence our future possibilities and actions with others.  Positive moods are like paradises; negative ones like trash heaps.  They truly are self-fulfilling.

Our family has had a historic tendency to value and assess equity and reciprocity in relationships.   This discernment can contribute a happier future if it helps us invest more in relationships we deem to be “fairer”.   On the other hand, as a judgment,  it can contribute to a prevailing if under-the-surface mood of resentment, especially in relationships where repeated invocation of the fairness test effects no change.   If we don’t want to carry the baggage of a resentful mood around with us, we need to let it go, since all change comes from the inside out.

I bring this up in relation to the practice of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is like a universal solvent for karmic crud.  If we are carrying around a mood of resentment toward someone built up over a long time of repeated thoughts/judgments, it may take many many invocations of forgiveness both to the other self for any perceived offenses, as well as many repetitions of forgiveness to your self for thinking and holding the initial judgment thoughts instead of letting them pass. Some stains need a lot of bleach!






Changing Leaves – A Peace Prayer and Lullaby in Gratitude to Nature


I enjoy composing lullaby prayers.  Nature’s perfection is such an inspiration for peace and love.  Click above to listen to this original guitar piece – be in Peace, Love and Light.  Thank you for visiting.

Look in the Mirror and Find the Cause


Impatience has been a lifelong challenge.   It seems to seek any weakness or letup in my regular meditations of gratitude and forgiveness, and whack, there it is again.

The other day I got a well-earned rebuke for impatience.   My first reaction was wrong, I took some exception to the strength of the criticism rather than examining its cause, which would of course be within, not without.

A few quiet minutes clarified the cause and the lesson.   Recently I have been impatient with myself… sometimes feeling there just isn’t enough time (laugh) to get myself right (bigger laugh) to be able to contribute as much as possible (uh huh) to the transformation of consciousness on Gaia.  What happened to letting go, release, surrender?   With a little thought, I can visualize this going back a long way, to little things, like taking longer than other kids to tie my shoes, so they’d already have run out onto the play yard.

The spiritual chain of cause and effect was now clear —   FEAR of missing out or being left behind > IMPATIENCE with mySELF to do more, faster > projected IMPATIENCE on innocent other SELVES – if I have to hurry up, then you should too! >  Correction/Snap!

Whatever happens outside can be seen for what it is, in the mirror.